Looking for unique mother of the wedding dresses? Look no further than the collection of Terani Couture mother of the bride gowns at Henri’s! These award-winning mother of the groom dresses are sure to turn heads, whether you choose a sleek sheath style gown, a soft chiffon dress, or a big, beautiful ball gown. The attention to detail in the mother of the bride collection of dresses by Terani Couture is exceptionally apparent in each gown. Find mother of the wedding dresses by Terani Couture in stock at both Henri’s retail locations and online at henris.com!


Terani 1713E3666


Terani 1712E3654


Terani 1712E3652


Terani 1712E3647


Terani 1712E3287


Terani 1712E3285


Terani 1712E3271


Terani 1712E3268


Terani 1712E3266


Terani 1711E3214


Terani 1711E3213


Terani 1711E3208


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