In search of the perfect prom 2020 style? Look no further than the beautiful prom dresses in the Landa Signature collection. Landa Signature prom gowns from Henri's Cloud Nine have feature sparkling stones and sequins that catch and reflect every light and every flash of the camera. From soft, silky chiffon dresses to mermaid style dresses, Landa Signature prom dresses are constructed to flatter your figure and show off your best assets. There's a Landa prom gown at Henri's for every girl going to prom 2020! Visit either of our award winning prom dress store locations in Columbus and Minerva, Ohio to browse these styles and so many more


Landa C106XX

$25.00 $198.00

Landa E201

$175.00 $350.00

Landa E204


Landa E206

$169.00 $425.00

Landa E209

$199.00 $425.00

Landa E212

$159.00 $399.00

Landa E213

$220.00 $499.00

Landa E214

$225.00 $489.00

Landa E216

$259.00 $558.00

Landa E218

$199.00 $445.00

Landa E220

$240.00 $499.00

Landa E225

$179.00 $399.00

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