Long, designer, homecoming dresses for the modern girl at an affordable price! JVN by Jovani is a fabulous collection of elegant, floor length gowns from the fashion powerhouse, Jovani Fashions. Homecoming 2017 is a once in a lifetime experience, so look your best! Shop the selection of JVN by Jovani gowns at Henri's Cloud Nine, where you can buy Jovani dresses online! When you need a glamorous look for any occasion, or you're searching for inexpensive homecoming dresses, you've got to check out JVN by Jovani at Henri's!


JVN JVN58634


JVN JVN58250


JVN JVN58127


JVN JVN58123


JVN JVN57854


JVN JVN57597


JVN JVN57596


JVN JVN57292


JVN JVN57208


JVN JVN57121


JVN JVN56098


JVN JVN56067


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