Johnathan Kayne

When Project Runway star, Johnathan Kayne, designs a homecoming dress, he does so with one goal in mind: to create an experience that elevates the self-confidence of each homecoming girl who wears it while enhancing her beauty from the moment she slips into that style. Henri’s is proud to once again partner with this premier dress designer for Fall 2018! Johnathan Kayne homecoming dresses are characterized by big, gleaming stones, soft, touchable fabrics, and a quality fit that feels like you were born to wear this dress. This ever-evolving brand of designer homecoming dresses is on the cutting edge of homecoming 2018 fashion, while remaining true to Kayne’s original visions. When you’re ready to start shopping for homecoming 2018, check out the Johnathan Kayne collection of designer dresses, available now at Henri’s! 


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Johnathan Kayne 8111


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